Additional Biographical Notes on Margaret Harris

There is also a brief biography of Harris in Eileen Southern’s Biographical Dictionary of Afro-American and African Musicians (1982). She is not in the International Dictionary of Black Composers, probably because her music was not published, which is a criterion for inclusion in most cases.

Needless to say, we have some information about Margaret Harris in several archival collections (including Dominique’s!). Apparently Helen Walker-Hill did not interview her, but Helen did keep a file on Harris, although there are no scores. So did composer Irene Britton Smith, whose papers we have. Most of the files consist of clippings although there are one or two letters.

We also have an archival CD of Harris’s Piano Concerto No. 2 performed by the Great Neck Symphony Orchestra in 1975. It cannot be copied without permission.

Unfortunately, what we do not have are Harris’s papers or scores. Any leads to where they might be would be gratefully accepted. I’m not sure that what is available here would be enough for a musicological study, especially without the scores.

Suzanne Flandreau, Jan 25, 2010

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